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Synclabel simplifies

Connected Packaging for brands, transforming products into direct consumer communication channels with innovative labels and a customized CRM, all under one platform.

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Synclabel is a versatile and comprehensive SAAS platform that provides smart labeling solutions that meet DPP standards for brands. 
By seamlessly integrating a CRM tailored for product experience with advanced digital printing technology, Synclabel creates smart, secure, and interactive product labels seamlessly connected with marketing teams. 
With all of these features integrated into a single platform, 
Synclabel empowers brands to create consumer journeys based on trust, transparency, and loyalty.

We made Synclabel knowing that There’s only going to be one QR on each item. (1) copy
We made Synclabel knowing that There’s only going to be one QR on each item. (1) copy.png


The future of digital product passports, aligned with EU standards, holds great promise as technology continues to evolve.

These passports, in compliance with stringent European Union regulations, are poised to become essential tools in ensuring product authenticity, traceability, and transparency.

With the integration of blockchain and advanced encryption techniques, consumers within the EU will be able to verify the origin and history of products, from electronics to luxury goods, with a simple scan on their smartphones, while adhering to the highest data protection and privacy standards.

This innovation not only fights counterfeiting but also promotes sustainability by allowing consumers to make informed choices about the products they purchase, such as assessing their environmental impact or ethical sourcing. As the EU continues to lead in consumer protection and sustainability initiatives, digital product passports will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of consumer trust and responsible consumption across Europe and potentially beyond.


Authentic moments create authentic relationships.

Science teaches us that the intent to own or own an item can create an emotional bond. it's commonly known as the endowment effect. That short time frame opens an opportunity to establish meaningful relationships with consumers -

It likely happens when consumers hold a package in their hands.

Transform every package into a powerful marketing tool


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